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STEEL TROPHY #1 – 10 AOUT 2019


To register:

– Complete the online registration form by 25 JUNE 2019 at the latest
– The payment of the registration fee of Chf 120.- (including registration, day license, plate number) by bank transfer will be requested after confirmation of your registration.
– By applying for registration, the pilot acknowledges having read and accepts the conditions of the present regulations
– A release of responsibility will be signed on the spot, the day of the race.
– A day license is obligatory and counted in the registration fees
– ATTENTION: Number of participants limited to 12 drivers per category
– The organizer reserves the right to refuse any registration without proof


1. Compulsory equipment: Helmet (homologated ECE2205), boots, gloves, back protector
2. Riding in the pits is allowed ONLY at very reduced speed!!
3. Each participant is responsible for his behavior. Before entering the track, the machine and the participant will be checked.
The organizer reserves the right to exclude any participant having inappropriate behavior  for the good of the other pilots and the progress of the race, without giving right to the refund of the registration fees.
4. Each participant remains responsible at all times for his material and motorbikes. In case of theft or damage to your equipment, it will not be possible to turn against the organizers.
5. Throughout the festival and the race day we ask you to respect the protected areas around the track and pick up your garbage. For this purpose a garbage bag will be given to all participants at the registration.
5. The registered participants authorize the organizer to use their image for the creation of content, the use of photos of the event, the distribution of films and / or reports.
6. Access to the festival and a campsite are free for participants and accompanying persons.


– Tires with crampons forbidden (enduro, cross …)
– Front brake prohibited (or lever disassembled)
– Circuit breaker connected to the wrist
– Exhaust pipes with silencer / muffler
– Handlebars must be plugged
– The gearbox sprocket must be covered / protected
– Folding footrests required
– The entry of the chain on the rear sprocket of the rear wheel (lower part) must be covered / protected
– Prohibited side stand (or solidarized with the bike)
– Broken, sharp, or possibly dangerous objects in the event of a fall or contact with other drivers (mirrors, license plates, broken levers, unformed feet …) prohibited
– Environmental mat under each bike in the riders pits is mandatory
– Wheels with sticks prohibited (or closed by plates or tape)
– Fork tubes may protrude up to 7cm above the top tee
– The accelerator must be able to close automatically
– The official front number plate of the event is mandatory. It is provided by the organizer (included in the registration fee)
– Side plates must be white with black number


Qualifications / Finals:
• Departures by line of 4 pilots
• For qualifications each driver will start on each line. The starting position of each driver will be announced by the organizer
• The points awarded for the qualifying rounds will be as follows: 1st – 15 points / 2nd – 12 points / 3rd – 10 points / 4th – 9 points / 5th – 8 points / 6th – 7 points and so on continued – The winner with the most points can choose his place on the starting grid for the final. The second ranking may do the same and so on.
• The start of qualifying heats and finals will be given at the green light
• The end of the qualifying and final rounds will be given to the checkered flag
• When crossing the checkered flag, each driver will perform a deceleration lap before the runway exit
• A false start will be indicated with the red flag. Following a false start, the race will be stopped and a new start will be given.
• The last round will be announced by the yellow flags with black cross.
• Stopped race: If a race is stopped during the first 3 laps, a new start will be given and the race will be re-run. If a race is stopped after 3 laps, the ranking will be taken into account in the red flag.
• End of race: The checkered flag will be waved at the passing of the first driver having completed the number of laps defined for the round, until the passage of the last pilot. The order of passage of the drivers as well as the number of laps made will define the ranking of the round.


– Yellow: Danger, slowdown, forbidden overtaking
– Red: Danger, stopping the run
– Yellow with black cross: Last lap
– Checkers: End of the round


Schedule will be announced on the day of the race.

Saturday morning
– Registration, delivery of number plates and transponders, technical inspection of machines
– Pilot Briefing
– 2 sessions (or more, weather permitting) free practice of 10 minutes each per category
– Break / Track maintenance

Saturday afternoon
– 3 qualifying rounds of 6 rounds for each category
– Break / Track maintenance
– 8 rounds final for each category
– Awards